Soldiers of Song: A Tribute to the Dumbells

Soldiers of Song: A Tribute to the Dumbells

Thursday, November 9, 2017 / 7:30pm
Tickets: $25 Adults / $20 Subscribers / $30 Seniors / $15 Youth / $15 Student Rush

About the show:

  • Soldiers of Song is a live performance involving theatre, music, and storytelling based on the original works of the Dumbells, a Canadian concert party that entertained the troops on the front line in World War I.
  • The talented cast of musicians and actors bring the old comedy sketches and humorous war songs to life.
  • Monty Python, Wayne and Shuster, SCTV, and Saturday Night Live owe a lot to the Dumbells, who are considered the pioneers of sketch comedy.
  • The Dumbells were born in the muck and mire of World War One trenches, forming in 1917 near Vimy Ridge, France.

Watch a short film on The Soldiers (2.47 mins)


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