Technical Information

Technical Information

Imperial Theatre is a fully restored proscenium arch-type facility. The arch is a spectacular architectural feat, and frames the stage beautifully from all viewing positions.


Our stage floor is sprung maple hardwood painted black
The loading dock is located upstage left, stage level
Door Size: 7’10½” x 7’11” – standard truck bed level
Loading door to stage involves a 90° turn through a door with an opening of 8’ x 8’

There is a freight elevator to dressing room level at rear of loading dock

Ladders and Other Equipment
Personal Lift: Upright AC with a platform height of 24’
Ladders: One 32’ extension ladder, one 12’, two 8’, one 5’ A frame
Hand trucks: 3 medium duty
Dollies: One 2½’ x 4’ steel, one 1’10” x 2’1½” wooden, three 2½’ x 2½’ four wheel dollies
Lecterns: 2
Other equipment and tools: Please call for information

Detailed technical diagrams are available for download.

Section Drawing
Ground Plan with Dimensions

Proscenium Arch
42’6” wide and 26’2” high at centre line

Curtain line to
upstage wall: 41′ 2″
downstage apron: 3’-2 5/8”
edge of pit elevator: 7’11”

Centre-line to
stage left clear: 48’6”
stage right clear: 38’3” (36’ to rail safety strip)

Wing free height
up stage left: 21’6”
down stage left: 27’5”
stage right: 22’

Stage floor to under grid: 64’

Note: Our orchestra shell towers are stored against stage left wall occupying a space 9’ x 10’. It is located 10½’ from upstage wall.

Fly Information

Standard Fly Sched Imperial Theatre 2018

Type: Single purchase counterweight
Operation: Stage right at stage level
Total line sets: 51 @ 1.9″ OD schedule 40 pipe, 50′ length
Permanently occupied lines:
#01 Painted valance
#02 House curtain
#04 Electric #1
#07 Electric #2
#09 Orchestra shell
#13 Electric #3
#18 Orchestra shell
#22 Electric #4
#25 Traveller track
#28 Orchestra shell
#33 Electric #5
#39 Orchestra shell
#44 Electric #6

Available lines: 38
Loading capacity: 1200 lbs.
Maxiumum fly height: 62′

Additional information:
Manual pin rails are located SL and SR at 33’ (top of actual pin rail at 37’).
We do have some spot-line and breasting capabilities. Some flying hardware and lines are available. Pipe extensions are available.


House curtain: Dusty rose velour, can guillotine or travel
Operation: Stage right at stage level, may be opened guillotine style or by travelling

5 pair black velour 10’W x 28’H
6 black velour 49’W x 10’H
Curtain Backdrops:
Black traveller, velour 49’W x 28’H
Full stage black drop 49’W x 28’H
Cyclorama, seamless 49’W x 28’H
2 Black sharkstooth Sharkstooth 49’W x 28’H
1 White sharkstooth Sharkstooth 49’W x 28’H


Spiralift elevator [pit, floor, stage levels]
We use a Spiralift elevator (pit floor and stage levels) with access below stage.
The pit elevator floor measures approximately 31½’ x 13’.
The depth below stage floor is 9’.
The depth below auditorium floor is 5’6”.

Full orchestra enclosure by StageRight Corporation ’Opus II’ (9 tower, 4 ceiling panels)

Full stage or half stage sizes.


Other equipment

Music stands: 50 (40 lights available)
Chairs: 124

Steinway ’D’ – 9’ Concert Grand [A-440], satin ebony finish
Kawai upright [A-440], gloss ebony finish

We do have a tuner available, a notice of at least one week is recommended.


Imperial Theatre’s FOH control is located at the rear of the orchestra level, slightly house right of centre.

FOH Console Type:
Yamaha PM5D – 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses

FOH Speakers:
Please note that our FOH PA is flown on motor points downstage of main curtain. All other touring PA must either be ground stacked or flown from own motor points from grid upstage of main curtain for liability reasons.

4 – Meyer Sound CQ2 (mids and highs flown)
2 – Meyer Sound 700HP (sub flown)
4 – Meyer Sound UPM-1P (2 centre fill, 2 private box fill)
4 – Meyer Sound UPA-1A (stage wash)

Additional FOH speaker system: (voice, light music)
1 – Mono cluster @ centre in arch [JBL]
15 – Under balcony speakers [JBL]
Amplification: 5 X Ashly FTX 1500 – 2 x 300W

Monitor Control: Downstage Left (main split snake head terminate here)

Monitor Console Type:
Yamaha PM5D – 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses

Monitor speakers:
12 – EV T221 12” wedges (not bi-amped)
1 – QSC HPR151i sub

7 – Ashly FTX2000 (2 x 500W)
All Meyer Sound speakers are self-powered.

CDP-2700 compact disc player
Dennon DN-C615 CD Player

Main station: Clear-Com MS400A (4 Channel) Located Downstage Left
11 – Clear-Com RS-501 Belt packs
8 – Clear-Com CC-95 headsets
10 – Beyer DT-108 headsets
Telex BTR 800 wireless 2 Channel UHF intercom w/4 belt packs
2 – Clear-Com signal/call flasher
2 – Clear-Com handsets

There is full paging capability to all areas from SM Desk (located SL), production booth, and lobby.

A programme sound feed is available to all public and backstage areas. Sennheiser hearing assistance system (IR) is available to patrons for all events.

Additional gear:
Fender Twin Reverb
Gallien Krueger cabinet 410RBH/4
Gallien Krueger amp 400RB Mark IV

Auxiliary power source (isolated ground):
Capacity: 100A, 3 phase, 5 wire, 110/208V, 60Hz (located stage left)

Microphone and Direct Box Inventory:
9 – Shure SM57
8 – Shure SM81
10 – Shure Beta 58A
8 – Shure Beta 87A
4 – Shure Beta 56A
1 – Shure Beta 52A
1 – Shure Beta 91A
4 – Shure Beta 27
3 – Sure Beta 181
4 – Crown PCC-160
1 – AKG D112
2 – AKG C414B
1 – Audix D6
1 – Sennheiser e602
4 – Sennheiser e604 w/ drum mounts
1 – Audio Technica AT815R shotgun mic
5 – SCV Active D.I.
7 – LA Audio Active D.I.
2 – LA Audio Passive D.I.
2 – Radial Pro Passive D.I.

Wireless Microphones:
1 – Shure ULXD4Q receiver
4 – Shure ULXD2/B87A handheld microphones
4 – Shure ULXD1 belt packs
4 – Countryman B3 omnidirectional lavalier microphones

Microphone stands:
All of our mic stands are chrome Atlas with round bases unless otherwise noted.

3 – straight, standard size
11 – boom, standard size
2 – telescopic, standard size
6 – boom, black, medium size
4 – boom, black, small size
4 – ebony finish telescopic boom (no stand)
2 – Yorkville black tripod, standard size
2 – Yorkville black tripod, medium size
3 – Yorkville desk stands
6 – Latin Percussion mic claws

Standard Lighting Hang

Imperial Theatre House Plot May 2017

Control Location:
Rear of orchestra level by sound console, 3rd floor booth,  or from the stage manager’s desk (DSL)

-ONE DMX-512 universe to control house dimmers
-ETC Net3 network with sACN
– Four DMX-512 universes can be patched through the ETC Net3 4-port Gateway to control automated fixtures

1 – ETC Gio with 2048 parameters
1- ETC 2×10 Fader Wing
1- ETC Element 60-500 channels
1- ETC SmartFade 2469
-auxiliary designer monitors are available upon request

Dimmers: 282 – CD80 AE @ 2.4kW
Circuits: Dimmer per circuit


2- Strong SuperTrouper II, 2000W Xenon
2-Phoebus UltraArc II, 400W HTI Long Throw

Twist-Lock ground 20A

Colour media:
Roscolux – usually full stock
Lee – very limited
Additional gel can be ordered.

Antari F-550 Fog Machine
Rosco, GAM Gobos
8-Strand ’drop-in’ Iris kits
Top hats for Strand Lekos and Fresnels
8 – ETC ’Drop in’ Iris kits
28 – 8 way 8” barndoors
1 – Rocso Image Pro Projector
MDG Atmosphere Hazer
1 – Peasouper Dry Ice Machine
14 – top hats for ETC Source Fours

Auxiliary power source:
Location: Stage left
Capacity: 2 @ 400A, 3 phase, 5 wire, 110/208V, 60 Hz

Lighting Inventory

12 – Mac Quantum Wash
12 – Mac Quantum Profile
8 – Chroma-Q Colorforce 12


We have a total of 152 ETC Source Four 750W lamps.

We currently have the following lens tubes:

8 – 10° Lens tubes
10 – 14° Lens Tubes
55 – 19° Lens Tubes
22 – 26° Lens Tubes
62 – 36° Lens Tubes
20 – 50° Lens Tubes
2 – 70° Lens Tubes


12 – Source Four Parnel, 750W

6 – Source Four Par, 750W

24 – Par 64 cans, 1000W

22 – Strand 8” Fresnel, 2000W

6 – Strand Iris Fours CYC Lights


40 – 40° Strand 2240 Lekolite, 1000W

6 – 30° Strand 2230 Lekolite, 1000W

32 – 20° Strand 2220 Lekolite, 1000W

14 – 15° Strand 2215 Lekolite, 1000W


Dance Booms:
2 – 10’ booms
8 – 8’ cage style booms


Dressing Rooms

Dressing Room Plan

Below stage; access from DSL, DSR

2 @ 14 persons
2 @ 4 persons
1 @ 1 person [handicap equipped]

All dressing rooms come with dressing tables, mirrors, make-up lights, hot and cold running water, sinks, toilets, and showers.

Laundry Facilities:
Single washer & steam dryer available in wardrobe room
Laundromat & dry cleaner located four blocks from theatre
Drycleaner located 4 blocks from theatre

Additional spaces available:
Green room
Rehearsal room
Wardrobe room c/w iron, ironing board, steamer.
Other space(s) may be available by special arrangement.

Additional Information:
Projector and Scan Converter
Sanyo PLC-XT21
Sony DSC-1024HD

10 – 4’ x 8’ Wenger Versalite platforms (with 12” static legs)
2 – 4’ x 4’ Wenger Versalite platforms (with 12” static legs)

24” – 40” adjustable legs are available.
Also available are safety rails, chair rails, cross-bracing and 1 Wenger stair unit.

Dance Floor:
Rosco Addagio 8 x 50’ panels

10 – 5’ x 2½’ tables
Some other tables are available.

Additional equipment is available through rental, which Imperial Theatre will attempt to obtain on a cost + 15% fee basis.


Imperial Theatre has NO parking available, however space can be made available (by special arrangement) for up to ONE 53’ tractor-trailer at the loading dock.

Google Map to back of Theatre

For more information on technical specifications/requirements, please contact:

Shelley Brown
Technical Director

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