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Imperial Theatre EXHIBIT

Sheila Howell

From Meditation to Manipulation

January 23, 2017 to March 27, 2017

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About the Artist:

Sheila is a self-taught artist, teacher and guru of the urban “paint & sip”. Her work has been shown in group as well as individual shows at the RNS Show & Sale, LaBoheme Gallery, Millennium Gallery and the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton. She has been shown at Dunham’s Run Winery, The Foxes Den and at Retro & Rust as well as participated in the King’s County Studio Tour.
Her studio at 146 Germain Street is open by appointment or chance.
Sheila can be reached @ (506) 654-6812 / /
About the show (from the artist)
 The title of this exhibit refers to my painting process.
  My work starts with a deep breath and an emptying of thoughts to open myself to the creative process. I approach the canvas in an almost meditative state. I seldom plan a work in advance. I let my imagination roam freely and structures, fantastic landscapes or flowers start to appear or the “little men” come into the picture.
  Whether working in an abstract or more realistic manner, I use my work as a vehicle to allow both myself and the viewer to access a personal interpretation of each work. In many of the works I have started a bit of a story which can encourage viewers to look within themselves to create a meaning unique to their own perspective. I have been influenced by the Surrealist movement in this regard.
  When asked why I paint what I do, I often quip, “I just paint what the voices tell me to.”.
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Imperial Theatre Exhibition Committee (ITEC) has brought work from area artists to the patrons of Imperial Theatre and the Saint John arts community since 1994. With the number of live performances at the Theatre, exposure for exhibits is high, focused to an audience knowledgeable in art, as well as newcomers to visual art. During the summer months tourist traffic flows through the exhibition space during guided tours of the facility.

The exhibition space, located in the lobbies of Imperial Theatre, has space for a large collection. Exhibits must be comprised of a minimum of 15 pieces. With medium-sized pieces, (roughly 30” X 30”) more than twenty pieces can be accommodated.

The exhibitions operate on a rotating basis where each exhibit enjoys a term of roughly two months. Additionally, our website has a page dedicated to the ITEC displays, featuring an image of some of the art pieces, facilitating further exposure of the work.

ITEC receives, on an ongoing basis, proposals from artists to display their works. Each proposal is reviewed by ITEC, and considered for display.

For more information on submitting an exhibit proposal, please download the documents below. If you have further questions about ITEC, contact Imperial Theatre at (506) 674-4111 or e-mail:

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