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Mary White

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Artist Statement:

Thinking Is Form.

For most of us the reality of violence is a flat screen experience.

We are insulated from the shell-shocked child or the images of the aftermath of a murder by the absence of direct experience.

Most of us  won’t see  what the wounds caused by guns look like or how the missile does its damage, or the corpse of a dead soldier.

We move on….an unending march of images of man’s inhumanity to man.

We become inured.

In this era we can investigate  space and time, see all peoples, languages, philosophies and the incredible variety of life in the three realms like no other time in recorded history and yet we still live in the animal realm, with its quarters of society of dark spectacle.

These works developed along two different streams:  exploded gunpowder providing the basis for an exploration of time, and the use of bullets et al for a trip into now.

Contemplating  the gulf between  screen and heart, i  put my finger in the entry wounds caused by a variety of objects that take away life, and what this might look like through an exploration washed in an expanse of the energy of colour.

With the weapons, the idea for the drawings came first. Finished they became targets,  the RCMP targets came preloaded…….real.

Three marksmen used a variety of weapons.The wounds finish the image They are selfish,  self important and  needed to prompt reflection on the absurd horror of the damage done to bodies. to ideas. to civilizations.

The works with gunpowder evolved in a different manner as the explosive expressions  first laid out as constellations…

the exploded patterns determining the start of an exploration developed through contemplation, collage

and peripatetic wandering of impulse based on interest in the night sky, and histories of mythologies .

The destroyer is time. Everything changes.

Materials used include chalk and oil pastels, charcoal, found objects, street art, gold leaf, coloured pencil, wasp paper, vegetative material, blood, decals, spray paint, exploded gunpowder. Weapons used include shotgun with bird and buck shot , 22 and 303 rifles, Russian army side arm, RCMP service revolver, knife and arrows.

with grateful acknowledgment to NBArts for the creation grant that enabled this project
with gratitude to my marksman:Chris  Kretschmar,  and Laurie Lees of the RCMP Fredericton
weapons used: 20 gauge shotgun, 303 rifle, 22 rifle, Glock pistol, Russian army side arm, arrows and a  hunting knife


mary white

Pricing and purchase details for Mary’s work can be accessed at our Box Office.


Imperial Theatre Exhibition Committee (ITEC) has brought work from area artists to the patrons of Imperial Theatre and the Saint John arts community since 1994. With the number of live performances at the Theatre, exposure for exhibits is high, focused to an audience knowledgeable in art, as well as newcomers to visual art. During the summer months tourist traffic flows through the exhibition space during guided tours of the facility.

The exhibition space, located in the lobbies of Imperial Theatre, has space for a large collection. Exhibits must be comprised of a minimum of 15 pieces. With medium-sized pieces, (roughly 30” X 30”) more than twenty pieces can be accommodated.

The exhibitions operate on a rotating basis where each exhibit enjoys a term of roughly two months. Additionally, our website has a page dedicated to the ITEC displays, featuring an image of some of the art pieces, facilitating further exposure of the work.

ITEC receives, on an ongoing basis, proposals from artists to display their works. Each proposal is reviewed by ITEC, and considered for display.

For more information on submitting an exhibit proposal, please download the documents below. If you have further questions about ITEC, contact Imperial Theatre at (506) 674-4111 or e-mail:

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