Become a Subscriber


Purchase tickets to six or more shows from Imperial Theatre’s Season 24 lineup,                  and you will automatically become a Subscriber.

You’ll be surprised how easy (and inexpensive) it is!

You can choose any combination you desire but to help here are a few options for this Season:


In addition to discounted Subscriber ticket pricing to all Imperial Theatre shows, subscribers will receive:

Advance access to tickets before single-event tickets go on sale to

the general public.

Invitations to special Imperial Theatre-hosted events.

Advance access to EXTRAS — workshops, kitchen parties,

pre- and post-show chats with artists.

Advance notice of new event on-sale dates.

Special ticket promotions and freebies throughout the season.

Subscribers may include up to two shows from either of our three

Community Associates — Symphony New Brunswick, Saint John Theatre

Company or Gala Ballet to qualify for Subscriber status.

  • Children are those 12 & under | Youth are those 18 & under
    Senior ticket prices are available to those 65 & up