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Staff in the Box

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Administration Marketing & Communications
(SG) Lee Bolton Executive Director
(506) 674-4104
Bethany Stout
Manager of Marketing & Sales
(506) 674-4129
Angela Campbell
Assistant Executive Director
(506) 674-4103
Kathleen McLeod
Marketing & Social Media Associate
(506) 674-4125
Jim Wilson
Operations Manager
(506) 674-4131
Theresa Patterson
Outreach Associate
(506) 674-4144
Ralph MacLean
Office Manager
(506) 674-4111
Box Office & Patron Services
Development Department Ruth McLeese
Box Office Manager
(506) 674-4128
Heather White Brittain
Development Director
(506) 674-4197
Diane McConnell
Manager of Guest Services
(506) 674-4101
Technical & Facilities Department Box Office Staff 
Shelley Brown
Technical Director
(506) 674-4107
Alex Keleher
Katie Stevens
Michael Estey
Andrew Clarke
Scott Harke, Lighting Director
Al Richard, Head Carpenter Concessions Staff
Andrea Butler
Tim Turnell
Natasha Williston
Molly Davidson
Maintenance Staff
Bob McNulty
Tim Turnell
House Managers
Patricia Farren
Joyce Robertson
Andrew Clarke
Cleaning Staff
Peter Walsh, Chief Custodian