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 Tonight at 7:00 we're showing #TheBirds..... and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own! #Yikes  We have 2 movies playing today: Alice in Wonderland at 2:00pm Hitchcock's The Birds at 7:00 pm That means we need a lot of #popcorn!  Don't worry - when the Jacques Poulin-Denis film starts (at 7:00 pm) the screen will be right-side-up! #STEPUP #FreeFilm #DanceFilm  No, that's not a @balletbc dancer. That is Lighting Director Scott - he may not be graceful, but we think he has a pretty killer 4th. #SoTechThinksTheyCanDance
 #AliceInWonderland is on the screen now! #MadHatter #DownTheRabbitHole  Students and Seniors from all over will be coming to #TheBuddyHollyExperience tomorrow night! #Intergenerational #WearYourGlasses   #CantStopWontStop @balletbc is going to be amazing!  Sylvain Senez (Rehearsal Director with @balletbc) has just begun a workshop at Rothesay Ballet School!