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 Every dancer deserves a spotlight. We're making sure they're all working for tonight's @dancezonesj performance!  After a remarkable total donation of over $43,000, the kitchen at Safe Harbour Youth House will be named after the Friars Sisters' mother, Florence.  It takes the entire community to ensure students have a fun (and safe) experience at Imperial Theatre. Here is one of our friends from the Fire Police directing traffic (and all those school buses!) around King Square. #ThanksWayne #ThankYouALLFirePolice  How to tell when the #nutcracker is in the house: #tutus and petticoats for miles. #ballet
 This morning's press conference: Rodney Weston presents Imperial Theatre with $100,000 in funding from the Canada Arts Presentation Fund.  Tracy Friars is here this morning to announce the results of the Friars Family & Friends fundraiser and their total donation to Safe Harbour.  So. Many. School. Buses. #AChristmasCarol  by @angecc75 "Ebenezer Scrooge entertaining in the Lobby for Uptown Sparkles..." via @PhotoRepost_app

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