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 *Obviously* we planned for our #WeAreIT lights to look like a heart....... #DefinitelyNotAFluke #LotsOfPlanning #AreYouBuyingItOrNah  All the Cherubs. All the Time. #UnderTheChandelier #ThingsYouDontHearEveryday • • • #ITStudentRush is now available for ECMA Songwriters Circle!  We're filling up 6 of these giant containers with water to act as counterweights for all the cirque-ing that will happen tonight! • • • #ITStudentRush tickets are now available for @machinedecirque  Views from the 506
 Eeeek! 6 Ghosts on stage!  • • • On another note #ITStudentRush is now available for @balletsjazzdemontreal!  If only we could train the ghosts to answer the phone... Due to the impending winter storm, we won't be opening until 12 (noon) tomorrow  Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl in the #TelegraphJournal this morning!☕️ • #ITStudentRush now available for CRHCSG • #AllTheRedEmojis☄️🥊⛽️☎️⏰✂️❤️❣️㊙️㊗️🆎🅱️🅰️🆑🅾️🆘❌⭕️⛔️♨️❗️⁉️‼️❓♥️♦️⛑🦀🦑🦐  Be Ours?

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