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 Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!  #IfThisThingComesAlive #ImmaFreakOut  Where were you in 1982? We were *hoping* we could raise $999,999 in ONE year, to save our beautiful building. *Spoiler Alert* Saint John did it and we were saved!   Only one can be the Champion. • • • • #ITStudentRush tickets are now available for The BackYard Devils & Tomato Tomato   Eeeek! 6 Ghosts on stage!  • • • On another note #ITStudentRush is now available for @balletsjazzdemontreal!
 🇦🇹@saengerknaben are in Kanada 🇨🇦 • • • • • #ITStudentRush is now available for the Vienna Boys Choir. • There are VERY FEW tickets left  Mood: Making the whole office listen to 'Mom-Jean Jams' playlist #AndTheyAreLovinIt  *Obviously* we planned for our #WeAreIT lights to look like a heart....... #DefinitelyNotAFluke #LotsOfPlanning #AreYouBuyingItOrNah  All the Cherubs. All the Time. #UnderTheChandelier #ThingsYouDontHearEveryday • • • #ITStudentRush is now available for ECMA Songwriters Circle!